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Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Education in India 6 years ago

Education as a Right:

Education is the basic function and right of the individual. Without education, any individual cannot survive either it is society or any community. Education provides willpower to do something in society as a professional. Education develops the overall personality of the person and provides freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Once you get educated remember this no once gain knowledge no one can snatch this from you.

Education helps the person economically and socially. In India, more than a million students are illiterate just because they do not have basic accessories to fulfill their dreams.

Free Traditional Education:

The government of India introduced many plans to provide free education in those areas where students cannot afford the education facilities. As compare to secondary, and higher education elementary education is provided free of cost in half of the institutes of India. If we talk about higher institutes of India, the Indian government introduced many policies to project the scholarships for students. Free traditional education of higher level also provides abroad free scholarships in which students do not need to pay any fee or house text.

Free Online Education:

The trend of free online education in India started after the boom of internet and modern technology. The online education removes all difficulties of that student who is facing poor infrastructure problem, too much fee issue and other problems related to the educational institutes. The role of free online education in student life is very important. Students can easily download the lectures videos through YouTube or different educational sites.

Online education provides self-paced learning in which student does need to sit in proper class with too much burden of books. It provides few subjects and courses according to the interest of the student. Best Coaching Centers in India for JEE and others centers are providing online courses, lectures, and video tutorials for NEET, JEE, and CAT exam preparation.

Advantages of Free Education in India:

The higher education system considers the most productive system. In India, those students who belong to poor families and they do not afford the high fee of the universities especially when the fee is very high free education helps them a lot. Free education provides them great opportunity to educate them self in the free environment.

In India, if we see the overall structure of the education then in each institute students must provide equal chance to study. We can say that Education becomes more important if we talk about the modern world.

Disadvantages of Free Education in India:

If we see the government sector institutes as compare to private sector institutes, then the overall basic structure of the institute is change. The equipment, research labs, computer labs, and furniture to sit is not fully flourished which are the basic needs of the institutes. Most of the time number of students in the class take lectures without sitting in class. Lack of furniture is one of the biggest downfalls of government sector institutes.